Primrose Story in English

Primrose Story in English
Primrose Story in English

Primrose Story in English!!!

it was a cold day in early march everyone in the village was going about their daily work and everything was just as usual except for one thing a strange little girl holding a bouquet of primroses standing at the door of a farmhouse she could not remember who she was or how she got there but something within her told her to knock yes what do you want who are you I don’t quite remember mem 

what what do you mean you don’t remember to look I have lots of work to do so don’t waste my time um can I come in it’s rather cold outside not what is the matter just look at this girl she does not even know who she is or where she came from or even her name or all she wants is to come in

 well look at the silk she is wearing in the flowers she carries she must be the daughter of a rich man and she must have got lost I expect that whoever takes care of her will receive a big reward from her parents if you don’t want her I’ll keep her, oh no you won’t she will stay here with us and the little girl started staying with the farmer’s family since she had a bunch of flowers with her

 when she had come they started calling her primrose when after a few weeks no rich man came looking for his daughter wake up primrose go take the cows out crazy and before that feel the water from the well water the garden and mop the get up now little primrose was made to do all the work of the house from morning to night but she did not complain and went about her work cheerfully

 she loved to graze the cows as that gave her some peace and quiet but she was lonely and longed for a friend one day I think your brother’s in the village I don’t have a brother oh yes he must be like you! he does not know where he came from we saw him hobbling on crutches he seems to be sick and hobbling on crutches poor boy where did you see him is he staying with someone in the village he is alone and he is living in that old by the path to the forest 

that’s all I know and that’s all I care so stop irritating me with your questions primrose’s tender heart longed to help this sick boy so as soon as she could she went to see him hello they call me primrose

and they call me the sick boy i have got some hay to make a bed for you and a blanket you are so kind i just know how it feels to be lonely and unloved well that makes us two of a kind doesn’t it like a brother and sister i don’t remember ever having any family neither do i can we be brother and sister yes indeed primrose would meet

 the boy every day and bring him the food she would save up from her own share one day when he looked even paler than usual i wish i could bring you some medicine to make you well again no medicine will not cure me if medicine won’t cure you then

 what will you might find it really strange but i get this feeling that the only thing that can cure me is a cake a cake i know it seems really silly but something inside me tells me that i really need a cake to become better i just know it primrose was determined to get cake for her brother so on the next baking 

day ma’am can i please have one small cake for the sick boy oh first i have to keep you and now look after some strange sick boy not one crumb will you get from here huh cake for the sick boy primrose was really sad but she did have some money which some neighbors had given her for odd jobs she sometimes did for them that night she counted

 it was a whole sixpence surely that might be enough to buy a small cake to cure her sick brother she made up her mind to buy a cake

 the next day but before she could primrose yes ma’am you have six pants don’t you what do you need them for I need five pens for this saucepan to give me the money, oh please let me keep the money I have saved it to get a cake for the sick boy it is always about the sick boy don’t forget that we are the ones who keep you now just hand me the money primrose now only had one penny left she couldn’t buy a cake with that

 but; a bun surely a bun is as good as a cake she was about to put the penny in her pocket when her foster brother suddenly snatched it from her I want this to buy some candy oh please I have saved up a penny to buy a bun for the sick boy forget about that sick boy you live in our home that day when she went to the forest to graze the cows

 she cried and cried suddenly she heard the sweetest voice ever no cake no bun to take for her sick brother to become well again uh who is speaking down here primrose and primrose saw the tiniest little creature an actual fairy with wings standing on top of a primrose flower she was aghast so you need a cake is it uh yes to make my sick brother well

 i have an option for you look your foster family treats you no better than a servant so come with me i shall take you to a place where you shall have a castle and servants to serve you and dresses of silk and cakes and puddings and pies every day you will be treated like a princess and have nothing to feel sad about ever it is either that or the cake take the cake make the sick boy better and then continue staying like a servant for the family 

what is it going to be make a wise choice thank you for all those wonderful things that you spoke of but i should not be able to enjoy any of them knowing that my brother is sick and suffering when i could have made him well i choose the cake please immediately there was a flash of light as though someone had switched on hundreds of lights in the sky and primrose saw so many little fairies hovering all around her flying busily

 about some carried pots of pollen and poured it into a huge bowl of light while some others stirred a huge ladle made of light in the bowl then the bowl turned to a round oven of red light and the sweetest most beautiful aroma of sweet baking filled the air then in a flash fairies carried to primrose a cake that looked like a pearl

thank you so much in a flash all the fairies disappeared and primrose ran to her brother i brought you a cure i brought your cure have this and become well again the boy began eating the cake as primrose told him all that had happened and then the boy’s body was filled with bright light and when the light disappeared instead of the boy she saw standing before her a prince and not really a human one oh primrose now I remember I remember it all what are you talking about don’t you remember me I am the prince of the creatures of light and you the fairy princess oh yes and it was time for us to

 it was time for us to undergo the test come here primrose prince light for centuries the creatures of light and fairies have lived in harmony serving this world together our friendship is very important to maintain order in nature well my son you will one day rule my kingdom of light but only the one who can bear darkness with forbearance can understand the true importance of light and only one who can smile in the time of adversity who can choose to be kind to others

 when no one is kind to her deserves to rule the kingdom of the fairies so we send you both to earth as ordinary mortals to test the strength of your heart that’s why we remembered nothing, yes and now we do you think we passed yes you did you passed with flying colors you were sick and abandoned but you never complained and you chose the happiness of another over your own even though others

 were mean to you both of you have made us proud now it is time for you to return home so all the fairy folk got into a grand chariot of light and flew over the village as they flew over the farm primrose flew down and kept a bouquet of golden primroses at their doorstep and left the world of humans forever well you and I may not be fairies but when we are kind even in the face of meanness and when we bear our troubles without complaining magic happens and we soon find our lives full of love and happiness 

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