Roses and Forget Me Nots Story in English | Fairy Tales

Roses and Forget Me Nots Story in English | Fairy Tales
Roses and Forget Me Nots Story in English | Fairy Tales

Roses and Forget Me, Nots Story, in English | Fairy Tales!!!

once upon a time in a cold november storm when everything looked forlorn a small errand girl with a bonnet box in her left hand and a big broken umbrella in her right trudged across the street her name was lizzy almost there almost there suddenly a gust of wind turned her old umbrella inside out with a crash oh no poor lizzy wanted to sit down in the rain and cry but there was no time for tears so dragging the dilapidated umbrella along she spread her shawl over the bonnet boxes and hurried down the broad street when lizzie reached the house where she was to take the fine hat in the box she took a sigh of relief yes i bring the hat that miss bell is to try on come on in wait here and i will take this to miss bell lizzy sat in the waiting room glad to warm her feet she noticed the many blooming plants in the room whose fragrance attracted lizzy one particularly captivating little rose won her heart and made her walk up to it it was so perfect so like a rosy face smiling out from the green leaves that lizzie could not keep her hands off it and having smelt touched and kissed it she suddenly broke the stem and hid it in her pocket

 then frightened at what she had done she crept back to her place in the hall and sat there burdened with remorse miss belle will see you now when lizzy reached belle’s room she saw a pretty girl standing before a long mirror with a hat in her hand tell madame tiffany that i don’t like it at all yes miss it was then that bell noticed lizzie’s state and felt a sudden sense of pity for the girl you look very cold come and sit by the fire for some time

 i’m afraid i’ll wet the pretty rug my feet are soppy so they are why didn’t you wear rubber boots i haven’t got any bell stopped for a moment thinking and then said you know what i’ll give you mine as i never go out in wet weather marie would you please bring them here oh thank you miss i’d like them ever so much for my boots are old i think your mother should get you warmer things i haven’t got a mother i’m an orphan oh i’m so sorry who takes care of you then i take care of myself madame tiffany is kind to let me stay in her house and sometimes she buys me books too and i love to read you see i have a dream belle said nothing but sat among the soft cushions looking soberly at lizzie what is your dream i want to go to college and one day have my own house at that moment marie returned with belle’s lunch and the boots here’s your lunch miss belle and the boots thank you marie please have some you must be tired and hungry but lizzy could not take it covering her face she began to cry for the kindness rent her heart and made the stolen flower a burden too heavy to be born what happened have i been rude oh no you have been very kind it is me who has not done good and then taking out the crumpled rose she confessed her fault with many tears don’t feel so much about such a little thing as that i’ll give you as many roses as you want for i know you are a good girl thank you let me go get the flowers meanwhile tuck as much cake and cookies into your pocket as it will hold when belle came back with a handful of roses she found lizzy absorbed in eating a sponge cake in a blissful sort of waking dream here they are yours they are lovely and i will take the hat it is not worth fussing about i hope you achieve your dream now if you will excuse me i need to go get ready for my dance class and oh do put on the boots 

thank you you are the kindest it’s nothing the rain poured the wind blew the sparrows on the park railing chirp diversely as a happy Lizzy limped away in the big boots her eyes held lovingly over the bright bouquet that was her treasure at that moment Lizzie didn’t know then that the roses were going to change her life forever eric I know I shall like it your taste is so good and you know what suits me so well I hope Lizzy for they say that a girl’s first ball dress is a grand affair especially when the event is held in honor of the famous painter miss Lizzy baron and next week miss Lizzie baron shall buy her dream house in Camberley oh eric I’ve saved every penny from my paintings to be able to buy that house I’m so happy you deserve

 it lizzy lizzy stood with clasped hands eager eyes and parted lips before the snowy pile of illusion that was the last daintily lifted out upon the bed then as telia the maid displayed its loveliness and arranged the dress to the best effect lizzie cried with pleasure oh how wonderful but then tilia uttered a shriek and began to burrow wildly in the box crying distractedly oh great heavens madame the wreath has been forgotten oh no the dress without the wreath is meaningless why don’t you wear a natural one to have a wreath made that goes with the dress in a day is impossible let’s ransack the city till we find some

and so eric and lizzy drove off resolved to have her flowers whether there were any or not they looked for it everywhere and when lizzie was about to give up in despair a shopkeeper suggested that perhaps the french woman estelle valenor might make the desired wreath in the short time when lizzie and eric entered the shop of estelle velnor lizzie told the woman all about her tail it is impossible to make the wreath today as all my girls are engaged to trim a bridesmaid’s dress and must be sent away at once but perhaps you may find the desired flowers to go with your dress at miss burton’s her niece has been helping me with garlands and riffs lizzy hurried away with a last hope faintly stirring in her heart lizzie went to miss burton’s which was a little shop at the one window sat a young girl her lap full of flower leaves and petals she rose slowly as lizzie came in lizzy’s anxious face cleared suddenly and her voice lost its impatient tone miss bell yes lizzy was shocked to see belle in the small shop in ragged clothes this is not how she had remembered her miss belle who came from one of the richest families in london miss bell i’m lizzy i worked at madame tiffany’s you gave me your boots you don’t remember me and never knew my name but i have never forgotten you in all these years

 oh yes i remember now how are you i i’m wonderful miss bell the bouquet you gave me changed my life you see when i was heading back to madame tiffany’s with the bouquet in my hand a kind lady mrs baron came up to me and said she wanted to buy the flowers and i gave them to her without taking her money she was very pleased and thanked me a week later she came by madden tiffany’s and adopted me i came to camberley with her and lived here ever since but if i may how are you here belle looked at lizzie for a moment and then said my father suffered a big loss in business and we had to sell everything we owned to recover from the debts my parents couldn’t take it when they passed my aunt miss burton took me into her custody we moved from city to city eventually settling down here last year she passed last month leaving this shop to me i’m so sorry it’s fine i enjoy working here the delicate handiwork gets me nearly enough to pay my way but you look unwell i am fine now enough about me what brings you to my shop lizzy thought for a moment and then putting her hand on bells told her all about the wreath and you need it tomorrow that night lizzy stared out the window looking at the star-studded sky thinking about belle life had been kind to her but to belle 

it had been cruel the next evening she put on the dress and uncovered the box that a little boy from bell’s shop had got for her the reef looked beautiful and when it was carefully arranged on Lizzie’s head she blushed with pleasure then she gave a sealed envelope to the little boy and asked him to give it to belle the boy left and Lizzie stepped out of the house where eric awaited her you look beautiful to thank you not just for the compliment and everything you do for me but also helping me secure the house in a day hey whatever makes you happy but if I may what about your dream ah I will get there eventually as long as you were with me I love you eric I love you more and off

 they went to the ball holding hands and smiling at each other back at the shop bell opened the envelope that Lizzie had sent to her confused she removed the document from inside it tears rolled down her cheeks as she read the document it was a property paper that said that her house in London now belonged to her beside it there was a note from Lizzie that red thank you for everything this is a small gesture returning your kindness that you showered upon me that stormy afternoon misspell know that I will forever be grateful to you p.s the wreath is perfect

pressing the paper to her chest belle cried with her eyes squeezed shut in a world where she thought she was alone a small deed from her past came back to her as a blessing Lizzie and bell became the best of friends and when lizzie got married to eric bell was her maid of honor 

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