The Biggest Alien Princess Story in English

The Biggest Alien Princess Story in English

The Biggest Alien Princess Story in English

The Biggest Alien Princess Story in English

the alien princess once upon a time in the little kingdom of sparrow hills there lived a girl called Nadia who had her heart fixed upon the prince of the land prince Aidan 

 can’t believe we go to the same college and never have had the chance to speak with him yeah that’s because the royal guards are always hovering around him, ah someday prince Aidan was in the final year of college and was the best amongst all he was good in academics and thus our project is objective and effective not only for our students but also for the public, in general, he was good at sports [Applause] and above all, he was good at heart and kind to people prince Aden was everything that one would expect from an heir to the throne but underneath all of it the young prince felt sad for always being under the terms of the royal protocols 

Aidan um sorry you dropped this thank you and you know my name, of course, you’re in the second year yes um well I just wanted to you’re honest the carriage awaits

 I am sorry I’ve got to go that’s all right things went pretty much the same in the kingdom of sparrow hills for months Nadia who are you going to the prom with I want to go with Aiden but yeah good luck with that Nadia was in love with prince Aden and she wished with all her heart to go to the prom with him sometimes the universe acts in strange ways and that late afternoon as a disheartened Nadia sat by the lake throwing pebbles at it the universe acted huh what was that as Nadia watched at the unidentified flying object with ah suddenly 

the top of it opened with a hiss Nadia watched as a being emerged from it a being not from this world the two stood still for a moment eyeing each other with curiosity who are you and why do you look so so whoa language downloaded scanned and implemented what hello my name is princess Celestia i come from the andromeda galaxy and you are what no way is this some sort of a joke that’s a long name miss what no way is this some sort of a joke no that’s not my name is Nadia nice to meet you are you really an alien I am an andromeda um okay why are you here uh princess Celestia right my father the king wants me to marry a certain prince 

who goes by the name of starlight but i am in love with stop right who is the son of star knight the sworn enemy of starlight’s father star might and then there is hold on that’s too many stars just tell me why you are here my father was going to make me marry starlight so i hopped onto a spacecraft and left after a couple of days of traveling at nearly the speed of light i entered your star system and spotted this blue planet and now i am here just need to hide here for a few days and then be on my way to another planet before father finds me you cannot hide in here someone will see you sooner or later and i’m not sure 

how they are going to react oh what do i do i have an idea princess celestia pressed a button on her bracelet and the spacecraft went inside the water then they slyly went to nadia’s house where celestia entered through the window so that nadia’s parents could not see her so tell me about your planet what do you guys do what do you guys eat what do eat yes i am so hungry please get me something to eat um sure nadia went to the kitchen and brought back a steaming hot bowl of soup what is this soup 

it’s made with vegetables and is very healthy bring me something else sure Nadia went back and brought a bowl of noodles princess Celestia turned it down something else I am sorry mom I’m just super hungry all right I have run out of options this is all that’s left what is that ice cream you’ll scream no ice cream like ice and cream not oh this is yummy may I have some more sure Nadia and Celestia bonded like they knew each other for the longest time nadia would cover Celestia’s face with a veil and the two would step out of the house in the morning and go around the kingdom a few days passed and then one day nadia wake up oh no hide quickly yes mother prince Aidan is missing since last night the whole kingdom is in a panic what I am going to aunt barry’s house to find out more stay home but mom 

why do you look so dejected did you not hear prince Aiden is missing I am in love with him 

i hope he is all right to love I can help you find him 

thank you so much which Gabriella you are very kind to bring me here the palace life was getting to me so many rules restrictions but wait how did you know I was unhappy I never told anyone oh I heard your thoughts prince 

that’s why I reached out to you don’t worry you are safe in guerrilla land no human can reach here that’s my daughter DeMille isn’t she the prettiest um yeah sure prince Aidan was not aware that DeMille was in love with him and it was her who had persuaded her mother to bring the prince to her 

cub Aidan let me show you around 

 your plan was to come here yes get in give me his portrait now we just have to add it to the scanner do an image search for his face within the kingdom oh he is not in the kingdom let’s increase the search range and there you go here he is in Gabriela land oh no it’s the evil witch she is banned from sparrow hills how did Aiden even reach there unless she took him that only your prince can answer hold on tight 

let’s go back at gorilla land prince aidan now realized that he had been trapped into the whole situation don’t want to marry demillo you have no choice prince haha you think i brought you here because i care for you mother don’t be like that with my adam i am sure he knows that he has to marry me right prince never looks like i need to teach you a lesson nadia stop right there nadia don’t you dare take a step forward or I will change the prince into a duck can she do that Nah she’s no good with spells 

but bother I’m sorry yes yes she can turn him into a duck um Jamila take the prince and go inside I will deal with them Celestia please do something don’t worry nadia for I have got the andromeda jk57 a what see it for yourself ah sorry how do you turn this thing on no stormy stop right there you see this wand it does whatever I tell it to do leave or else I will put the power of andromeda jk57 now try telling your stick what to do Aidan nadia you came for me yes Aidan I was really worried for you and so was everyone back at home I am sorry I was selfish to leave the kingdom father only does everything

 because he loves me and wants me to always be safe and happy I should have never misunderstood his intentions Celestia who watched Aiden and nadia talk realized how similar her situation was to prince Aidan’s and for the first time in days she missed her parents she missed her home who is that person that’s princess Celestia from the andromeda galaxy nice to meet you, prince, now let’s go as the three get into the spaceship Celestia notices on her screen that there is a message from her home 

 all right let’s go 

this is it guys home calls I have to go what prince Aiden’s realization has made me realize a thing or two too besides father is ready to accept whoever I want to marry that’s great but thank you for everything nadia I have learned a lot from you too I am going back home with so many memories especially you scream
 also, tell him how you feel i will miss you, yeah keep the andromeda jk57 someday this will bring us together again what does jk stand for just kidding what you do 
okay father awaits up over the clouds we must leave until we meet again and so prince Aidan returned to the kingdom where he apologized to his parents and told them all about what had happened the king understood he had been too hard on his son and promised to not be strict but more friendly for he had realized that it is important for parents to be friends with their children first and then a guardian princess Celestia I am so happy today all thanks to you I miss you 

my future queen are you ready for the prom yes your highness you 

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