The Fairy Godmother Story in English | Fairy Tales

The Fairy Godmother Story in English

The Fairy Godmother Story in English

The Fairy Godmother Story in English | Fairy Tales

once upon a time in the great kingdom of Lovedale there lived a princess called princess Constantia people called her the blindfolded princess Constantia was beautiful inside out her long wavy hair falling down her back in two cell curls shimmered in the light of the sun and her voice so enchanting that even the leaves of the trees would turn towards her voice whenever she sang as a child Constantia had many friends 

that she’d play with but as she grew up lesser and lesser of her friends began to show up to play with her until one day when there were none they were tired of playing the same games over and over again and each made excuses to not come back to play with her um actually I’m going to visit my aunt who lives in a foreign land I don’t know when I’ll be back though Constantia was left with only one friend her dog rustin go fetch Constantia longed for her friends she wanted to see what the world looked like how people looked like a fairy godmother had warned the king and the queen that Constantia must at all times have the blindfold on before she turns 18. 

for the giant of Cersei might disguise himself as even the king or the queen and if Constantia were to see him once she would fall into his spell and he would take her to his land you can make all the friends you want after you turn 18 children you can remove the blindfold and the giant spell will have no effect on you in fact after you are 18 it is him who’d need to run away from you for a mere sight of yours will turn him into dust you see when Constantia was born her cries were melodious and sweet as if it were filled with a honey swab the halls of the palace with bliss her father king Xerxes 

who was very ill and downturned suddenly recuperated from his sickness upon hearing the voice of his daughter the kingdom rejoiced at the blessed birth of the princess and a great feast was held but dark clouds loomed over the fate of the child and the great fairy godmother knew it well my daughter can heal people with her voice nothing in the world can be unfortunate anymore it concerns her what is it fairy godmother I see it in the stars that Constantia is in grave danger from the giant of Cersei but if she could escape his sight until she turns 18 he would have no more power over her what do you suggest 

one day when Constantia and rusun were playing in the palace garden when ruson began to bark at a bush what is it boy whatever it is just let it be but rusan would not stop barking and soon clutching at Constantia’s dress with his teeth began pulling her towards the bush oh ruth what are you rusin stop rusin Constantine was now curious as she had never experienced such behavior from rosan as curiosity got the better of her she pulled down her blindfold a little and was dazzled by the sunlight oh my it is brighter than the lights in my room and so Constantia pulled down the blindfold till her nose and her heart left with joy oh my world rusen you are so adorable oh yes what is it oh it’s a bird it is hurt should we take it inside no mother will find out I opened the fold

 let’s just step out a little help the bird and then come back inside Constantia tunneled through the opening in the wall and picked up the bird carefully heal my dear heel give me all your pain my once again as the bird flew up in the air Constantius smiled yes i want to run after the bird too talk to the wind and embrace the world with a hug but we must go back inside oh you aren’t going anywhere it was the giant of Cersei

who had been hiding behind the tree waiting for the opportune moment at last I have got you, princess son, no on their way back to the tower of Cersei the giants stopped at the woods by a river and tied Constantia and rusen to a tree pot oh yeah and you princess wake up as the giant snapped his fingers Constantia awoke from the stupor what where are we oh giant what do you want why have you abducted us why have been after my life so many questions but I will tell answer you are my redemption from the curse that makes me a giant I am to give you to the witch of the east in exchange of liberation and what she does with your healing abilities is not my concern

 the witch of the east yes she is very powerful my nemesis the giant of Sula awaits me I am to defeat him and procure the magical ring that will lead me to the witch of the east now seaport i will be back soon when the giant went away bruised looked up at the tree started to bark frantically a squirrel trickled down the bark of the tree and looked at Constantia for a fleeting moment began biting at the rope within moments 

the rope was torn apart and Constantia heaved in relief thank you so much I will never forget this oh yes apologies we need to run Constantia and rusen ran and ran until they were far out of the woods and in a pasture where sheep grazed under the clear blue sky exhausted by fatigue Constantius sat down under a tree and closed her eyes when she heard rusen bark what is it ruth oh pardon me beautiful lady you seem tired and worn out is there anything that I can do for you are you the shepherdess um apologies I am prince Magnus Constantia thought for a while and then said yes I am indeed the shepherd deaths you see my master wants me to tend the flock of sheep 

in this quiet place but I am afraid the hungry giant that might come smelling them and take me with his nonsense I shall not see a woman become a giant’s possession come with me to my palace and I will speak with my mother the queen and she will be glad to gratify you, prince, Magnus took Constantia to his palace where the queen agreed that the young maiden could flock their sheep Constantia thanked her and the prince and from the next day began working as the shepherdess of the kingdom don’t worry 

it is only a matter of time the giant will soon give up on his search for us and then we can sneak out of here and go home also I don’t need to wear a blindfold anymore prince Magnus who was smitten by Constantia’s beauty visited her in the field every day the two would talk and laugh and get immersed in each other’s company soon they fell in love and Constantia for a brief moment forgot about her home her parents and the giant one day when it was only a week before her 18th birthday prince Magnus and Constantia were sitting under a tree holding hands and building castles in the air suddenly a viper snake appeared from behind the tree and bit prince Magnus oh no it’s a snake prince Magnus whose face started to turn blue fell unconscious oh my prince wake up at that moment the queen who was out on a stroll with a minister discussing matters of politics suddenly heard the sound of a someone singing in melancholy that voice 

where is it coming from you my dear heel give me all your pain love me once again love you one second and at that moment as the wind rustled the leaves the blue from prince Magnus’s face dissipated the bite mark of the snake healed and the prince opened his eyes slowly Constantia my love the queen who saw everything unfurl in front of her eyes from a distance rushed to her son and took him in her arms my son what happened are you all right I am a fine mother a snake had bit me and I lost consciousness only to awake to feel no pain and look even the mark has disappeared I saw everything who are you and how did you do it Constantia knew that she couldn’t keep her identity a secret any longer and told them about her 

you’re the princess of love and dale I’ve heard king Xerxes and queen Nalanda have been very ill ever since the princess was abducted what oh I must go to my parents at once I will come with you Constantia along with Rusin and prince Magnus set out to go to the kingdom of love and dale they rode on and on and when they were passing a thick jungle the giant of Cersei appeared in front of them in a flash he grabbed at Constantia and leaped into the air jumping as he took long earth-quaking strides before disappearing from sight now suddenly a bright light flashed in front of prince Magnus’s eyes and standing in front of him was the fairy godmother 

who who are you I am the fairy godmother and you must do as I say the giant has taken Constantia to his castle and this is how you will get her back here is my ring it will guide you to the castle where Constantine is imprisoned give it to her and as soon as it is on her finger she will become a dove smiling fairy godmother removed a flask of colorless liquid and sprinkled it over the prince at once prince Magnus turned into a pigeon and flew off into the sky afternoon began to age into the evening and Constantia found herself leaning sadly over the balustrade on the top of the giant’s tower when the pigeon flew down and pecking on her hands softly laid the ring upon her hand oh thank you

 a pigeon who is gang you’re talking to in her fight Constantia slipped the ring upon her finger and in the same instant turned into a beautiful white dove surprised and furious the giant rushed madly to the edge of the tower but it was too late the pigeon and the dove had taken off and were away from the giant’s reach furious giant shook his fist into the sky and lost his balance and fell headlong into the sea the pigeon and the dove reached the jungle where they found fairy godmother awaiting them along with  Russian feel my mother heal my father heal give me all your pain love me once again and with gold dust emanating from their body 

the king and the queen opened their eyes and thus came princess Constantia’s 18th birthday the entire kingdom was lit up in colorful lights and fireworks emblazoned the sky with princess Constantia’s face everyone rejoiced and princess Constantia was ecstatic to see beautiful lights in the sky and all over the kingdom and what about her story with prince Magnus you ask of course 

they were married in a grand wedding some years later were fairies from all around the world graced them with their presence and during the wedding fairy godmother announced and it shall be in the days to come people will say to the groom and the bride may you be as happy as king pigeon and queen Dover !!


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