The idiot and The Lion Story in English Story

The idiot and The Lion Story in English Story

The idiot and The Lion Story in English Story!!!!

the idiot and the lion once upon a time at exactly five o’clock of a Saturday evening to be precise Scott inherited all of his father’s wealth at exactly seven o’clock he threw a grand party where he invited all his friends and also gave them expensive gifts at nine o’clock Scott decided to buy a very expensive painting!

because; one of his friends suggested himself and Scott wasn’t even half done by then by the time the party had ended Scott had become a guardian of a kangaroo in Australia bought a plot on the moon which he would never be able to visit and announced 

an even grander party for the following day they love me and I love it they did not love him and Scott was about to find that out pretty soon in the following weeks to come Scott bought a plot of land on mars became financial guardian to more kangaroos and through party after party until he was broke so broke the people he thought were his friends showed him their door and now Scott had to sell his house to pay off for the upbringing of the kangaroos my friends 

don’t love me I was a fool you know Scott I don’t normally agree with you but this I agree with you is a fool a great fool, in fact, you are the greatest fool to have ever walked on the face of the earth in fact if fools could fly you’d be in the air all the time in fact, yes I get it you don’t have to overemphasize okay please shut the door on your way out but uncle where am I to go I don’t have a house I don’t have any money, not my problem nephew you had money, in fact, more money than I possess but you did not learn to value

it and if I let you stay here after all that you’ve done you will never learn ah that rhymes quite well I am a poet and I didn’t even know it okay bye now with a heavy heart Scott left his uncle’s house hey Scott he is an apple enjoy with a heavy heart and an apple Scott left his uncle’s house he walked about the town head hung low regretting 

that he had spent all his fortune on unnecessary things oh at least the kangaroos are a happy oh young man that’s my spot oh I am very sorry Mr beggar I will sit over there, oh my name’s not Mr.beggar oh sorry what is your name the name’s bond James Emmanuel di Gozar di nom bond wow how do you even remember that name practice makes a man perfect and I’ve been practicing it since I was a child you’re new here yeah god told him how

 his life had been a rollercoaster ride in the last few weeks I want to call you foolish but that would be an insult to the other foolish people but you’re not the first person I have seen lose all their riches in a flash there are many and believe it or not it is the deed of luck yes luck you see based on what you’ve told me it seems that your luck was very kind to you but you offended it by not nurturing

 it’s gifted now it has run away from you oh what do I do now if I were in your place I’d go searching for it find it and try to reconcile with it and become fortunate again and why have you not tried looking for your luck then who said I’m not lucky I get to eat three times a day the whole town is my house and passersby are kind to me that’s enough luck for me and that’s enough conversation for me also now please leave me alone oh okay uh thank you, Scott, began to think about his luck and did not realize when he had fallen asleep 

he had a dream where he saw that his luck was a human being like himself who was perched up on top of a high mountain looking dejected just like Scott himself huh that was my luck he looks sad I must find him and so the next morning Scott set out for the mountain with the purple-leafed tree he crossed rivers walked past town and passed through jungles until he came upon a place where he saw a lion sitting upon a big rock by a scream oh no don’t be afraid human proceed um okay Scott began to walk a little unsurely when the lion called him again don’t mind me asking but where are you going I am going to find my luck, ah your luck I have seen him walk across this stream a week back looks exactly like you and is a very wise man tell you what ask your luck what is the remedy for my disease I have been an invalid for seven years if you find the right remedy 

i will reward you Scott nodded and went on his way soon he came upon a beautiful orchard with all kinds of fruits hungry he picked up a few fruits and began to eat them but they were all bitter, oh these are so bitter I know huh who are you I am the owner of this orchard who are you and where are you going uh my name is Scott and I’m going to find my luck oh please ask your luck what is the remedy for my orchard I have tried every trick in the book

 but; never has any of my trees bore a sweet fruit Scott nodded and continued on his way soon he came upon a majestic house situated in a beautiful garden whose only inhabitant was a beautiful princess what man are you and why have you come here and so Scott narrated to her his story and the princess was pleasantly surprised wonderful you see I have the splendid house and all the riches of the world but I have unknown grief that forever grows in my heart and i have been spending my life sad all the time please ask your luck about me and a remedy for my grief Scott promised

 the princess and went on his way soon he reached the mountain with the purple-leafed tree there he saw sitting at the edge of the cliff his luck staring at the horizon finally I have found you why have you come here I have nothing to do with you anymore but Scott wasn’t going to go back he fell on his knees and poured the grievances he promised he’d change and act wisely in the future please please come with me I have changed his luck looked at him intently and then smiled very well maybe you have changed after all go back and I will join you in a few days splendid thank you so much I will be waiting for you, oh I almost forgot Scott asked

 his luck of the things that he had promised to ask his luck listened and answered all the three questions happy and content Scott left the mountain with a huge grin on his face and so on his way back Scott met the princess again princess your grief will disappear and happiness will touch upon you as soon as you marry a young man of your choice next he met the gardener  there is gold in the spring from which flows

 the water with which you irrigate your orchard the plants suck up particles of gold which cause the fruits to be bitter take away the gold and your fruits will be sweet again and finally scott met the lion and told him how he had met his luck and the messages that he gave to the princess and the gardener wonderful didn’t the princess reward you for the message um not really although she did say that she likes me and would want to get to know me more and then get married I refused you see I have become very wise

now I see and what did the gardener tell you oh that’s funny actually he took the gold out of the spring and gave it all to me but I refused to say that I didn’t care to trouble myself and carry such a heavy thing so far you see I have become very wise I see and what remedy did your luck devise for my ailment oh yours is the simplest all you have to do is devour the head of the most foolish person you’ve ever met and you shall be healed at this the lion smiled by heaven 

your luck is indeed very wise but You don’t think I will ever find a greater fool than you on the face of the earth and with that, the lion roared ferociously and leaped into the air and towards Scott, I am not very wise Scott realized how he had been and ran with all his might the lion chased after him but due to his ailment couldn’t catch up to him and soon gave up Scott ran and ran and ran until he was back in the town again boy young man did you find your luck oh don’t even ask and so Scott told him everything the beggar laughed and then said the young man.

let me; tell you something I am a great believer in luck but I also know that the harder you work the more you have of it so don’t lose hope work hard with heart and dedication and one day your luck will come looking for you and when it comes looking for you knocking on your door you answer Scott nodded thoughtfully he had realized that it was foolish of him to have turned down the princess and the gold and tell the truth to the lion all of it thinking that his luck will take care of him 

Scott had also realized that luck always seemed to be against the person who depends on it he thanked the beggar and went on his way determined to find himself a job and work hard and regain his fortune Scott had truly changed and that Saturday afternoon at exactly one o’clock to be precise as he walked down the road the beggar smiled and turned into the being that he truly was Scott’s luck 


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