The Unusual Witch in English Story

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The Unusual Witch in English Story

The Unusual Witch in English Story!!!

the unusual witch my name is goody boomster and this is my unusual story I think you’re gonna love it let’s start from the day 

when I went to the market to buy my first wand you see I was from this town called cat’s whiskers which is inhabited by witches and wizards every day here looks like Halloween and I absolutely love it do you have the potion to make me younger didn’t you buy the potion of youth from me 25 years ago yes and before that from your father man even the mountains are younger 

than you here you go uh I need a potion to be able to fly um you don’t need a potion you’ll need a broomstick for that this one here is the broom 11 pro max a single charge lasts for 48 hours here you go goody your first wand my first wand it was love, at first sight, I still remember playing with it for days I changed cats into mice socks into snakes  and sometimes just sometimes I turn frogs into princes oh my I am the most handsome

you see I was always curious about why the stories of prince and princesses always had a witch playing the bad person rapunzel snow white the little mermaid you name it all have the same stereotypical witch who spoils the day in an otherwise happy setting but here’s the thing witches are not bad people we’re just a little different 

goody why are you so different why can’t you be like a normal witch who makes potions and sail them in the market but mom I don’t want to do that they want to go out and see the world sail upon the mighty oceans and visit kingdoms and adore beautiful palaces yeah that’s not gonna happen, young lady, 

the human world isn’t safe for a witch they assume we have bad intentions when we step into their lands no globe-trotting for you but mom I can disguise myself as a goodie the gallon wizard is coming tomorrow to meet your father if all goes well you will marry his son what but 

I don’t want to get married mom how can you do this enough I will not hear another word go to your room and work on your potions I will prepare your hat for tomorrow and just like that my fate was sealed I was to marry Rupert gallon jr and spend the rest of my life selling potions and broomsticks but one good thing about fate is that it is totally unpredictable a floating spirit I thought it was a myth? 

hey wait for ouch and off I went chasing the floating spirit legend has it that if you can catch one it can grant you anything you want absolutely anything as my father would say little did i know that it was leading me to my destiny gotcha no wait oh fly a faster broomstick

 a dog that insignia I am I am in the kingdom of woods castle who are you, huh oh uh I am good goodness bloom yes what are you doing with a broomstick um well I know you’re preparing for Halloween yes absolutely that I am prince spencer it was nice to meet you goodness bloom if anyone asks you’ve not seen me is that understood um uh yes absolutely good as he rode away from that handsome prince in his majestic stallion I couldn’t help but feel a sudden quiver in my heart oh that’s new 

again come back here come on broomstick battery low oh for crying out loud I am going to get you run all you want gotcha oh come on wait what and spencer wait no don’t look at me I was not crying I swear I was just relax

 it’s okay cry no big deal really but I’ve been told a prince never cries well people say all sort of silly things the truth is sometimes you need to let your emotions out it’s totally fine oh gee thank you I am going to cry some more go right ahead 

better yes you want to tell me why you were upset if you think i will tell a stranger about my problems then you’re absolutely right i am i am so scared scared and as he began to narrate his tale i realized that we were both in the same boat the prince was not ready to be crowned the king next week and he was not ready to get married to princess alia because didn’t even know her and all of this just because i’ve turned 21 and as per tradition the eldest son should turn king and be wedded at that year you know i feel you but and that’s when i got an amazing brain wave this was my chance to restore the reputation of my kind who’ve been denigrated in the books of history and stories tell you what how about i help you conquer your fear and arrange ways for you to meet the princess before the wedding you do that and what do you ask for in return i will tell you when the time comes i didn’t know where life was taking me but i decided to spend this one week of it in the woods castle helping the prince before returning back home and marrying the gallon’s son so i sent a storm message to my mother and informed her that i am safe and will soon be home i also asked her for her help to restart my broomstick and you know how mothers are i received the storm message back she was clearly not happy but gave me the spell to get my broomstick going for another two days it was even given a royal guest chamber where i began to start working on my potion i would need a strand of your hair please my hair ouch yep that’ll do let’s go collect some flowers from that hill that hill i can send the men to fine let’s go that’ll do we need a cup of water from that waterfall or what i am thirsty oh and thus flew past the beautiful six days the potion was finally ready and i was head over heels in love with prince spencer and i was heartbroken too because now was time to part from him hey you called for me yes spencer i want you to sit down and listen to me with an open mind all right um all right i’m listening this is the potion of courage when you drink it your fears of taking the throne will be gone and this here is my broomstick you can take it and fly to the princess’s kingdom once you reach there wear this cloak it would turn you invisible and you can reach 

the princess’s chamber speak with her  Potion a broomstick and a magic cloak  you are yes spencer I am a witch but I hope you still trust me why would a witch do all of this for me because not all witches are bad beings as the world portrays us to be which brings me to the part where I ask you for something and what would that be when you become a king please teach everyone that witches and wizards are happy beings we live with a little bit of magic and a little bit of love and that’s all we want we aren’t evil and malicious and is that 

all you want what do you mean I don’t need this silly potion no offense but I don’t want to marry the princess the past one week was absolutely magical and I don’t want to lose that I am in love with you goodness wait what’s your real name goody boomster I am in love with you goody boomster I want to marry you with you by my side I fear nothing and I don’t care if you’re a witch I love you too spencer but we can never be together with your parents your kingdom my parents they will never don’t you worry about that I have a great plan it was a bad plan 

hi I’m goodie hi I am spencer but worked and soon we were married this is the most unusual wedding ever but I’m glad that they are both happy yes us too our families blessed us spencer was crowned the king and his queen we were the happiest in the whole world and as for the floating spirit well it did come to me but I already had 

what I always wished for people realized that witches and wizards are not bad and a new bond in the world of kingdoms and queendoms emerged you see sometimes all it takes is to break the stereotype and it begins with you and also remembers every witch is not bad 

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