The Emerald Book Story in English | Fairy Tales

The Emerald Book Story in English | Fairy Tales

The Emerald Book Story in English | Fairy Tales

This is the story of a powerful mighty king and his defeated arrogance emperor fritz gerald ruled the kingdom of phanantra a daughter was born to him such was the fortune of the child that the day she was born a drought of three years ended with torrents of rain the best crop ever in the kingdom stood in the fields miners discovered a mine of unlimited gold and good news came to all in the kingdom from their friends and family abroad the child was special and her good tidings were noticed not just by the king and his people but also with the fairies who came to the palace to bless the newborn hail the grand fairy of goodness you my child will be of a heart that loves all beings and throbs with compassion and kindness here comes the fairy of inspiration to bless our princess oh good princess the purist will inspire you you will write poetry as you look at the sun and stars and music in rhythm of flowing streams and singing birds please welcome with honor the fairy godmother of good sense you shall be wise you will choose compassion over revenge learning over success and happiness

over ego and finally hail the exalted fairy of rare treasures every drop of tear you shed shall turn to pearl the king sneered at the ferry of rare treasures words what kind of a blessing is that it is a blessing mighty king accept it with grace my daughter has brought happiness to all of my kingdom why will she ever need to cry and if she does she has gold and precious gems of plenty she does not need pearls oh king a king who is arrogant brings only ruin to his people and his kingdom pride is the enemy of goodness and wisdom you are insulting a gift given in pure intention but shouldn’t the gift itself be worthy of respect you want proof that this gift is respectable very well then when your daughter is 16 she shall get lost in the forest and then only the tears from her eyes that fall as pearls will lead you to her the fairies disappeared from the court and left behind them a deathly silence but the arrogant king was still unmoved with an army as mighty as mine no child of the kingdom much less the princess herself can ever get lost in our forests there is no need for anyone to panic let the celebrations begin the princess grew up and true to the blessings of the fairies she was noble compassionate she loved nature wrote poems inspired by the sun and stars created music inspired by gurgling rivers and singing birds she was an ace horse rider and loved to trek in the mountains and forests a happy good-natured lively child she was the delight of her kingdom and before anyone realized 

she had grown up to be 16. on her 16th birthday oh my dear what would you like from me on your birthday father just one thing let me go to the forest today please i told you no it is my birthday mother i want to spend time with my friends the trees the bees the rivers and the streams there i promise to be back by lunch i shall not permit it ah let her go i shall send my best soldiers with her in fact today i shall go with her there’s nothing to worry have you forgotten today is her 16th birthday and have you forgotten that our army is the best army in the world come my darling today i shall go with you too we leave the king and princess to their fate in the forest and travel further in time one day a young count happened to pass by a forest he was lost for a long time but he worried not for the birds and streams kept him company presently he saw an old old woman carrying a pannier on her back he ventured to help but was stopped by a peasant walking by don’t go near her why not she is so old don’t you think we must help her she is strange would a woman her age be loitering in the woods like that she is no ordinary woman she must be a witch so you don’t know for sure whether she is a witch or not regardless i must go and help her granny let me help you with the paneer mine jewel it is heavy well for you maybe but not for me don’t be too sure young man and mind you 

that once you take it from me you shall not be able to put it down till we reach my cottage on the other side of the hill oh sure if you can climb over that hill on your old legs granny then certainly can i give your burden to me i will not put it down i promise remember good men do not break their promises so think again i have thought and promised hand over your weight to me the granny took the pannier off her shoulders quite easily and put it on the counts but it was so heavy that the count almost fell with its weight it is so heavy how were you carrying it oh the arrogance of youth have you realized you are not strong enough of course i am strong enough very well done walk in any case you promised to carry it the count could not understand how the basket which 

the old woman could pick so easily was so heavy for him but he carried it on the way up the hill he felt he could carry it no further let me put it down for just a few minutes i won’t be able to take another step till i rest oh no you promised so you cannot put it down but when we reach my cottage i shall have a reward for you so the poor count carried the basket with great difficulty and determination finally they reached the old woman’s cottage as soon as they entered the gate of her cottage a whole gaggle of geese came out to greet the woman like children coming to meet their mother my children put the basket down under that tree i shall send you a refreshing drink the count was only too happy to do as he was told he collapsed and lay comfortably in the cool shade of the tree a goose waddled up to him holding a pitcher and a glass the goose poured some sherbet into the glass and gave it to the count the sherbet was so cool and refreshing that at once he felt energetic again the old woman got there this count has been most kind to me he approached me to help me carry my pannier and in spite of its heaviness he kept his word and carried it all the way over the hill young man you now deserve your reward granny i was arrogant and proud of my strength you have taught me a valuable lesson in humility that is enough reward for me well i promised you something and like you i too must keep my word take this this will bring you luck the count took the emerald book thanked 

the old woman and left the cottage after days of being lost in the forest he finally came to a city he sought audience with the king in the hope of getting some work with the royal palace your highness i am a learned man and i could be of service to you if you would please agree to test my skills as a humble gift i offer you this my most prized possession father this is my favorite spot see you can see almost the entire forest from here ah it is beautiful suddenly out of nowhere the forest was covered with a fog so thick that the king could not even see his own hands when the fog cleared after a few minutes the princess had disappeared my daughter my princess where are you where are you this is the fairy’s blessing the pearl that my daughter’s tears would change into 

where did you find it who gave you this book tell me have you seen her where is she i have been looking for my daughter for three years not a clue have i found of her your highness i do not know where the princess is but i can take you to the old woman who gave me this book if you do not mind your majesty let me ride there first and ascertain the right road to take to reach the cottage over the hill while you make arrangements to come take my best horse and leave right away we shall not be far behind so the count rode on ahead it was dark by the time he reached the forest back in the old woman’s cottage my child the moon is out go to the river one oh you’re back so soon i know what happened at the river don’t worry dear go inside and shed your wings it is time go on you have done so well my child as the princess turned goose went inside the cottage the count reached there and so did the king and the queen i saw the princess come here she she had turned into a goose but now she is back here she is your highness what led you here to your daughter heard tears that turned to pearls just as you had said i am so sorry for being so arrogant your daughter has inherited none of your arrogance 

i have truly tested her no kind ma’am you looked after me and cared for me as your own daughter i understand what you said that a king who was arrogant brings only ruin to his people and his kingdom pride is the enemy of goodness and wisdom this lesson was necessary for all of us you are truly a beautiful soul princess i am sorry o king that you had to learn such a bitter lesson but an arrogant king can bring only ruin to his people pride is the enemy of goodness and wisdom i understand now your rare treasure was not the pearls of tears but the wisdom and the lesson you brought to us thank you i must leave i bless you that you will never find reasons to cry no matter what happens in life your heart will find reasons to be happy so the king and queen returned at last with the noble princess the count was appointed as courtier in the royal court and he and the princess became wonderful friends spending hours together doing good for the people of the kingdom much to the delight of the proud king and queen the kingdom became a place of peace prosperity and joy but the king never allowed himself to become proud again 

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