The Place of Change Story in English | Fairy Tales

The Place of Change Story in English | Fairy Tales
The Place of Change Story in English | Fairy Tales

The Place of Change Story in English | Fairy Tales

 the palace of change once upon a time far away in a magnificent kingdom there lived a joyous king and his queen they were a happy and loving couple but what made them the happiest in the world was their little baby prince jasper is so adorable I hope he will grow up to be as strong and kind as you and as gentle and brave as you my dear the king and queen showered jasper with so much love that whatever the prince wanted it was gladly given to him no one had ever refused him for anything which sadly turned him into an unkind and selfish child  jasper my sweet little cherry pie isn’t your breakfast good how would i know i can’t taste it but son why can’t you uh yesterday from the storybook you read me the powerful prince ate from a ruby bowl this is just gold

 i see well then why don’t we get it later and for now you can eat in the gold bowl no i want it now oh all right we’ll get you your ruby bowl son don’t cry the little prince wasn’t humble and kind at all and this worried his parents immensely dead my pillows be changing what why didn’t we get those soft feather pillows for you just yesterday yes and so today since it’s already been used once i want a new one jasper honey that’s a lot of trouble for a lot of people dad i’m a prince i deserve the best in other people’s troubles don’t concern me the king and queen were deeply distressed and the next day called jasper’s fairy godmother Lillian hello what a nice surprise to hear from you how have you all been we’re fine jasper however the queen told lillian everything about jasper and how he behaved hearing this lillian’s eyes only grew wider are you sure that’s no i told you i want you to get me

 the jasmines that smell like roses put your harness how do i get such a thing it’s impossible is it possible that you have forgotten that i am a prince oh um no your highness but then get them to my room soon bye-bye see goodness gracious you should have called me much sooner oh fairy godmother he doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone other than himself and we’re worried about when he grows and becomes the king king he would make a terrible king so you want me to help him do you the two royals mournfully nodded and lillian thought deeply for quite a while all right i have an idea 

but i’ll need to take jasper away for a few days and on one condition you are not allowed to meet or greet him during the time he is completely under my supervision what but how would i be able to see if his breakfast is sweet enough but then he must learn to think about other things besides soft pillows the queen and the king knew they had to give in to lillian’s condition and so with a heavy heart agreed don’t worry your majesties i will turn your son into a prince which the kingdom will be immensely proud of the royal couple although doubtful smiled hopefully would you mind calling him huh jasper we have a gift for you a gift what gift is it that unicorn i asked for oh you have no unicorn nope even better i’m your fairy godmother i’ve come to take you to your own palace 

there won’t be anyone to trouble you and you can do whatever you wish night or day my own palace whatever i want awesome take me there right now oh i’m taking you there all right your highnesses rest assured that your son will be just fine and away they flew through the wispy clouds with the fields and people far below them wow this is your new home you can stay here for as long as you want i made it especially for you jasper immediately ran inside without even thanking his fairy godmother for the palace the palace will soon teach you a thing or two everything here is so beautiful indeed the floor glistened marvelously like burnished gold in the sunlight and the ceiling made of mother of pearl danced like a kaleidoscope with a million tints of reds blues yellows and greens the palace was nothing short of a dazzling sight in the middle of the huge palace hung a sparkling golden cage and inside sat a pretty little songbird jasper however was least interested in the bird and its melodious song ignoring

it completely he went around gaping at everything else all the games i like and so many clothes yes now i can have all the sweet odors i want without the trouble of going out into the garden for roses or lilies those are some huge windows the windows ran from top to bottom and had such ravishing views one could see the great ocean tossing like an endless glimmering sheet of silver beyond that were the tall mountains which then caught by the streaming rays blushed a lovely pink with tiny specks of frivolous yellows but although so breathtaking none of this interested him now jasper continued to live in the palace for days playing with his games eating the never-ending food and sleeping on the softest pillows imaginable 

what an annoying and noisy bird as he said this the windows suddenly started to close in  as the days went by and the windows started to close in more the room grew darker but jasper was far too preoccupied to notice the fading sunlight until one day he woke up in complete darkness huh why is it so dark open up the windows now but no maid or butler came to obey his commands jasper waited and finally went round feeling his way ouch my bed where are the soft pillows hello where are my toys oh 

it’s spoiled i’d better go outside but when he reached the door and tried it it wouldn’t budge open emma am i stuck here jasper soon started blaming his parents lillian and everyone imaginable but he never once blamed himself sat on the floor for hours miserable and sad i’m so thirsty what oh you’re still here i guess you’d want some water too drink well at that moment the huge windows suddenly opened up a little and fine rays of sunlight entered the gloomy room i can’t open it further the next day jasper sat for a long time looking at the light there i guess you’d also enjoy the light huh you can see a bit of the garden too wait let me clean that for you little bird little bird i can see the tall mountains and the glimmering ocean oh how beautiful they appear to me look look  

you’d like to be with them too wouldn’t you free me you know i can help you with that a little bit there you go and how it flew happy to be able to stretch its wings around in the open space oh the room now looked as it was originally splendid and glowing the toys the delectable food and his plush bed had all returned but jasper didn’t care for it any more little bird come see 

the lovely flowers in the garden and the mountains beyond how i wish i could go out and feel that sunlight on me i’ve been foolish to have cared so much for silly things i wish to see my parents again to talk to other people too the birds stared up at the open blue sky at all the other birds there longing for its own freedom  little bird fine let me try again even 

if i’m stuck here at least you can be free he pushed against the huge window and after much struggling it gave way there it isn’t much but it’s enough to get you through I’m free yes you are jasper now let’s get you home jasper was thrilled to see his family again and the king and queen had missed their young prince very much it didn’t, however, take them long to realize the change in him oh this soup it’s delicious thank you for making it oh you’re welcome young prince he also started to get involved with the kingdom people who although surprised soon started to love their prince for the generous and unselfish behavior that he displayed to them all lillian you did amazing jasper is so kind and generous 

but how did you do it oh a little bird helped me and so it was that the prince who had heartily demanded for fluffy pillows and ruby bowls had changed into a kind and humble boy he had learned well that there is more to one’s life than such frivolous things and that is to love and care for another understanding another person’s suffering is a very important step to becoming a good and kind person for when you learn to do that only then do you really know what true happiness is 

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