The Green Door Story in English | Fairy-Tales

The Green Door Story in English | Fairy-Tales

The Green Door Story in English | Fairy-Tales

The Green Door Story in English | Fairy-Tales

 about a hundred years ago there lived a girl called letitia in a small town in europe latisha here take your soup cabbage soup i am not having that i want apple stew or berry pudding or something like that certainly not a delightful person leticia did not like anything nothing was good enough for her see what father got you a brand new dress what a terrible color and it has no tassels and it has no bows or ribbons do you know the beautiful golden gown that laura got the other day you never got me anything nice latisha 

this is your new box with new pencils and even a pen with ink the box looks so old and plain and the ink pot is not big enough and max’s pencils are so much nicer than these they have faces made over them not only was latisha complaining about what she had she would also complain about what she had to do leticia have you studied the history chapters i asked you to i don’t like history latisha come here let me teach you 

how to make a plum pie you know i don’t like cooking mother standing in that hot kitchen before a hot oven is not my idea of a hobby besides a plum pie really not something i fancy maybe tiramisu  but there was one thing that latisha loved to do she loved to stand before the green door you see there was a tiny green door in the north wall of the garden the door was so tiny that an adult would have to bend over double to get in 

but it was always kept locked latisha longed to go inside to see what was there on the other side of the door she would try her best to convince her parents to let her open it latisha where have you been mother why don’t you let me open that green door leticia we have discussed it a million times you cannot go in because 

it is best that you never went inside now finish your breakfast and help me clean the attic for a change that day latisha went to help her mother while they were looking through an old cupboard they found an old album she opened it mother who are all these people with grandpa and grandma they are your great grandfather and great great grandfather john hopkins this is his wife maria hopkins and this is his daughter peggy hopkins your great grand aunt as her mother looked through the album letitia noticed a curious looking box she opened it there was a key inside it tied with a green ribbon mother what key is this um it is just a very old key

 let’s put it back and now go out and play leticia could not stop thinking about the key could it be the key to the green door the more latisha thought of it the more she longed to try the key her opportunity came one sunday leticia we are going out stay indoors and finish your homework i shall come back and check as soon as her parents drove off she got the old key from the attic and ran with it into the garden carefully she put the key inside the lock and turned it the door opened and leticia got inside but what was this this was no room this was a forest a huge thick dense forest leticia turned behind but there was no door behind her where have i reached goodness 

the door where’s the door when latisha heard wolves howling and lions roaring she got so scared that she ran she ran for her life not knowing where she was going suddenly out of the woods a hand grabbed letitia put her on a horse and rode off come in child you should be safe here oh dear you must be so cold come here sit by the fire i found her running in the woods the wolf pack must have been about goodness 

their howls oh poor thing she must have been so scared peggy take her to your room and give her one of your dresses leticia was in a daze she kept looking at the family there was something really curious about them leticia could not quite put a finger on it and then it hit her this was john hopkins her great great grandfather and the lady was maria his wife and the little girl peggy was her great great aunt what was happening could it be possible that the green door had led her into her family’s past oh goodness is this real while she was engrossed in her thoughts her great grand aunt gave her a plain dress with a smile 

i don’t like this dress it is too boring and too big what do you mean it’s too boring i find your dress a bit too showy if you want to stay here this is how you will have to dress and wear these shoes these these are wooden don’t you have soft leather or rubber or satin what you say the strangest things what are you even talking about now get dressed and come down else mother will be cross leticia had no option but to wear that too big ill-fitting dress and how her feet hurt to wear those wooden shoes when she limped downstairs and saw the food what is this now oh it is corn porridge can’t you recognize it but i i don’t like it well this is all you are going to get here it is your wish whether you want to eat or not and after lunch you girls better get on with the spinning you too but

 i don’t know how to spin you don’t know how to spin have you learned nothing in life peggy show her how to spin will you yes mother and latisha was taught how to spin and make her own clothes 

then there was cooking in huge stone kitchens on an oven with blazing fire it would get hot and suffocating for laticia also they had to do their own cleaning and washing oh how poor latisha missed her home how she longed for the same cabbage soup she hated and wear the same dresses she despised one day as she was cleaning the attic of the house she found a curious box exactly like the one in her home she opened it and saw the same kind of key with a green ribbon what is this does this belong to a green door maybe there is a door outside the north wall of the house our parents have forbidden me to ever open it and i won’t girls come down for dinner coming well your father and i are going to the windows stay at home and be good the girl sat spinning again when there was a knock on the door leticia was shocked to see that it was jack peabody the boy next door in her original house yes our parents are not home sorry

 i lost my way in the woods it is getting rather dark and i saw a pack of wolves out and about do you mind if i take shelter here for some time i haven’t seen you around here i stayed 10 miles away with the carringtons i heard wolves and ran in the forest and lost my way oh we know the carringtons we met last year at christmas farewell come in thank you

can i get some water to drink well all right aren’t you latisha my neighbor and you’re jack peabody how did you get here through a book a green book with a lock a book with a lock i got here through a green door which also had a lock i landed in my great great grandfather’s home for months now i too ended up in my great great grandfather’s home for months now while i have been here i have worked harder than what i have ever worked in my life same here my hands are sore with all the work i have never done a third of it back home we have taken our lives back home so much for granted how i long to go back you 

know i saw a book similar to the one i came by here with the same lock i intend opening it is there a similar green door here too yes that night leticia sneaked into the attic got the key ran to the north wall from outside the house and found the door with trembling hands she opened the lock and entered her house she ran into the garden mother father i am back i am back back from and latisha admitted to them her entire adventure back then everything was so hard to do and to get after seeing those times

 i will never ever complain about anything ever again i love cabbage soup and oh daddy i love the dress you got me and i shall study and study and study and write my neatest handwriting with my brand new pencils and pens i am so sorry for having been such a pain and sorry for disobeying you and opening the green door well 

i guess you asked for it latisha when we don’t respect what we have life teaches us the hard way but wait a sec i was at that place for months yet you were just getting back home the same afternoon time moves much faster in the past than in the present my dear what was a few months in the past is only a couple of hours in the present and then another car sped in the driveway and out came mr and mrs peabody with their son jack peabody jack saw latisha and leticia saw jack both of them winked at each other now if they were to share this great secret with others do you think anyone would ever believe them 

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