Weight Loss Diet in English

Weight Loss Diet

Welcome to Tamil Posts website, today we are going to tell you a diet plan that you can use to lose weight yourself. when you start losing weight usually everyone loses 2 to 4 kilos in the beginning but later the fat is not reduced so every time.

You have to make your diet chart more difficult than before try this diet chart for weight loss and you will definitely see a difference by the way the requirement of food and drink is different according to the physical structure of every person and the hard work done by him to reduce body weight fewer.

Calories should be taken and for this it is necessary to make a balanced diet chart to reduce the mind smoothly and the body does not get tired keeping these things in mind 100 to 1800 calories are required.

Now we will tell you what should be your diet chart friends if you use the diet chart that we will tell you then you can lose 2 to 3 kilogram weight every month but if you want to lose weight 5 to 10 kilograms weight every month. 

You wake up in the morning drink water if possible at least two glasses and maximum 1 liter if you do not like hot water then at least use lukewarm water friends if you squeeze a lemon in lukewarm water lightly in the morning and drink that water then it is also very helpful in reducing weight.

Friends you can eat green vegetables for lunch and you can eat non-veg.

If you take non-waste in the morning for breakfast or lunch then it is helpful to digest easily so if you are fond of non-veg then you can take non-veg in the morning breakfast or non-veg in lunch.

If you are a tea and coffee drinker then you have to change this and you will have to drink soup instead of tea and happiness.

Now let’s talk about dinner

To lose weight you need to eat at least one meal at night to lose weight do not use non-waste in your food at night because non-waste takes time to digest.

You can take fruits or raw vegetables for dinner, if you eat fried food then it is not healthy for you .

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