Little Muddle Story in English – Fairy Tales

Little Muddle Story in English - Fairy Tales
Little Muddle Story in English – Fairy Tales

Little Muddle Story in English – Fairy Tales

little muddle this is the story of a little man called little muddle or that was what the children of his neighborhood called him to muddle was little and he wore a huge turban and big pantaloons and an enormous coat in which at least three muddles could have fitted he lived all alone and didn’t speak or interact much with anyone the children found him rather funny and joked about them 

among themselves one day hey look what I’ve got what if we put this in the little model’s enormous coat oh yeah it will take him all day to find where the spider is hiding in the coat a farmer passing by hurt the children now kids this is really mean come on dad we are talking about little muddle here speak of him respectfully will you know nothing about him you know him to tell us everything then listen once I tell you his story you will never think of troubling him again his real name is Webex 

he went out into the world to seek his fortune one day hungry and tired he ventured into a strange castle to ask for shelter for the night there were at least a dozen cats in the garden the moment they saw the strange man all of them flocked to him each trying to get closer to him I don’t believe this why in the world do you not heed the dinner bell listen who in the world are you I am called hebex madam I was hoping for some shelter for the night come in so muddle went in with the cats and lady frown a hubsy and was treated to a wonderful meal getaway don’t you dare disturb

my poor hungry kitty sweeties oh eat my poor kitty sweeties you must be so hungry here you go have some more no creature must ever eat while another is still hungry why don’t you stay here hibbix and take care of my cats I could use your help so hibbix stayed on for a few days all was well but one day when lady frau hubsy went out now you be good to them I shall be back in a couple of hours goodbye kitty sweeties wait came back what in the world have you been doing here they all the cats it was dead on madame oh how dare you blame my poor poor kitty sweeties

i will turn you into a no please no oh my kitties my sweetie kitties did this well i am sorry shouldn’t like to stay here any longer with these corrupt little cuts please give me my payment madam bill sure go to my chamber and take the staff by the door and the slippers below them what would i do with their stuff and slippers wearing the slippers you shall be able to fly to anywhere in an instant and the staff will jump in your hand thrice wherever there is gold or silver buried under the ground be careful of how you use these gifts hibbiks for they can land you in as much trouble as they can prove useful and with these wonderful gifts 

hibbix went on his way again the staff did not jump even once during all this time since there was no gold to be found hibbix decided to use his slippers to find a job he went to the palace and asked the king to make him his message runner you well the royal runner must be fast on his feet let us have a race between you and my best runners i shall give you each a message to my guard on the other side of the city if you’re the first to return with this reply i shall appoint you the royal runner certainly your highness thanks to the magic slippers hibbix was back in a flash everyone was appalled the king appointed him as his royal runner and over time the king began liking and trusting this strange little man more than his other courtiers this of course the other quartiers did not like how come the king has such an affection for an ordinary runner there is something strange about him i am telling you one day as hebbix was walking alone in a forested area his staff suddenly jumped in his hand thrice excited hibik’s dug and found hundreds of pots full of gold and treasure hurrah i have found a treasure yes now i don’t have to work another day of my life that means i shall have to leave the service of the king no i like the king and besides he trusts me so much i can’t desert him now no so hibbix took some of the treasure left the rest hidden and went back to the palace he began freely sharing his money with anyone who he realized needed help i hope the king agrees to give me a loan for the medicine for my mother don’t worry my man take this hope your mother becomes all right soon thank you sir where is he suddenly getting all the money from hmm he must be stealing let’s tell the king he can’t possibly have so much money the foolish king believed the courtiers he asked them to keep an eye on hibiks so the next time hibbix went to get some more of his treasure the courtiers followed him and the moment he dug and came back with a pot of gold they pounced on him they took hibiks to the king and lied to him [Applause] your highness he was hiding the treasure he stole from you that is a lie

I was not hiding the treasure I was bringing it out which thief brings out the treasure stop lying hibbix i thought you trusted me seeing that the king did not trust him hibbix told him about the staff and the slippers he mix get out of my kingdom and never return you know that i would never do anything like that leave those here and leave now poor hibics was so hurt he never wanted to see another human being again so he built himself a small hut in the forest one day he found a tree laden with ripe beautiful figs he took one and gobbled

 it up as soon as he finished eating he started feeling strange and low his ears and nose grew long really long hibbix was horrified he didn’t know what to do he roamed in the forest determined to find a cure a day or two later he found another fig tree helpless with hunger he picked a fruit and ate it terrified at what might happen to him with this one but to his surprise his ears and nose became normal again that tree makes ears and nose grow and this one makes them proper i am cured a few days later as hibiks was wandering in the forest 

he saw two men filling a basket of the bad figs and loading them into two horses he heard one of them say the king of this land is done for after eating these figs he shall never be able to show his face to the world again our king will then attack and take over this kingdom take over our kingdom not even in your dreams how dare you even think of harming my king i’ll show you hibiks knew something was wrong and so he started visiting the city in disguise to hear news of something wrong in the palace he couldn’t just go to the palace and speak to the king as he had been asked to leave the city and would be arrested a few days passed

one of the men from the other city took a basket of the bad figs to the city on the royal market day when the royal chef would come out to pick things from the royal kitchen the chef saw the beautiful luscious figs and bought the entire basket that evening he served the juicy tantalizing figs with dinner the royal family ate them with utmost relish and low all of their ears and noses grew words spread like wildfire and the best physicians were called but no one seemed to have a cure now hibbitch was keeping track of all this and he decided that it was time for him to make his move he disguised himself and went to the palace with a sack full of the good figs but he did not offer the cure right away oh king i shall cure all of you don’t you worry just take these hybrids gave the good figs to the entire royal family and all of them got cured thank you thank you thank you so much tell me what reward can i give you my entire treasury is open for you take whatever you want what treasure can be the person who himself steals from others offer to anyone

that voice gimmicks is this you yes and all this was done by our neighboring kingdom they are planning to attack us you cured me and my family even though i treated you so badly i know the pain of being ill-treated by a friend then how could i give the same pain to you i am so so sorry hibbix how can i make it up to you learn to distinguish between your true well-wishers and cheats i must take your leave now hibbix please stay i am happy you’re alone wait take back those things i stole from you they belong with you ah i am so sorry and so the ashamed king returned hibbix’s magic slippers and staff and hibiks left that kingdom forever 

he went back to his village but the little man with a big heart had lost trust in friends and people so he started living alone however he left not his goodness do you know what he does every day he wears his slippers and flies off to far-off places looking for someone in need and helps them with his money and all you boys do is to sit here and make fun of him needless to say the boys never made fun of little muddle again, in fact, they began to be nice to him and soon became friends with him it is so easy to make fun of someone but we don’t know the troubles and struggles others have to go through if we cannot help them surely we should not hurt them isn’t it 

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