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The Magic Pencil Story

The Magic Pencil Story

The Magic Pencil Story in English | FAIRY TALES

the magic pencil once upon a time there was a small town called cloudy and in cloudy there lived a brilliant artist by the name of Albert Albert was so good at his work that many times people mistook his paintings for real objects he painted portraits of rich people in his town and earned well he would carry his canvas everywhere and randomly choose a place and start sketching he was a brilliant sketcher he would sketch sunsets fruits and human portraits and make them all look very real but since 

it was a small town there were only so many paintings he could make over the time he began to struggle to find work the river where Albert usually went to paint the sunset stood a beautiful tree Albert loved that tree he had painted that very tree on his canvas so many times and yet he never got bored of it he talked to the tree as if it were humans oh come on tree ruffle your leaves a little you know sometimes it feels like you can hear me but Albert didn’t know that there was someone on the tree 

who did hear him and loved his drawings it was pickled the pixie that tree was home to pickle she was very shy and loved the green dense leaves that kept her cool and safe I do wish you could hear me through and help me out you know there is no work in this town now I can leave and go to another town but this is where my home is I can’t leave this place but I guess I will have to do that now all I know is how to paint and if there aren’t enough buyers for my paintings here 

then I think I will have to shift to another town after Albert left pickle looked sad oh I don’t want him to go I loved his paintings man how could I make more people buy his paintings, hmm that’s not the real problem is that he will not be able to earn I can’t force more people to buy his paintings but I can’t help him have what he wants after thinking for a while pickle rushed to her tree Hollow and began to work she worked the whole night and the next day pickle was ready with her creation it was a very shiny and beautifully carved pencil, ah this will help Albert that afternoon when Albert, as usual, went to paint his favorite tree there on a rock he saw the pencil wow it’s so shiny it’s the most beautiful pencil 

I have seen in my whole life I wonder whose it is maybe I should not pick it up the real owner will come looking for it Albert left without painting the tree that day he was very restless to leave the pencil behind but he didn’t want to pick up something that may belong to someone else the next day Albert went to his tree sooner than usual he was secretly hoping to see that pencil on the rock and there it was 

oh it’s still here umm maybe it doesn’t belong to anyone I have heard stories about this forest maybe they are real maybe there is magic in here Albert picked up the pencil and examined it he then took out his paper and began to draw a beautiful leaf this pencil is amazing my drawings have never looked so beautiful wait what’s happening the leaf was coming to life and in no time there was a real leaf sitting on the paper oh how is this possible Albert carefully picked up the leaf and kept it aside to test it once more he began to draw an apple as soon as he was done sketching it life, oh no this is a magic pencil 

I can draw anything I need Albert’s happiness knew no bounds he jumped with joy and ran home pickle saw Albert leave and was happy to help her talented friend she knew she had done the right thing she trusted Albert to use the pencil wisely as Albert went home he put up his canvas and was excited to draw anything and everything he needs firstly he drew delicious dishes of food but in his haste rather than drawing a proper mango he drew a circle but nothing happened he rubbed it off and tried to draw again but he was so excited that once again he was only able to draw a rough oval outline and yet again nothing became of it finally calming his nerves Albert began to sketch again 

this time he was patient and he used his skill to draw a mango immediately a mango appeared so this pencil will give me only those things that I carefully and perfectly sketch on the canvas, hmm what Albert didn’t know is that the pencil was specially made for him alone nobody in the whole town could sketch as perfect as Albert could pickle knew this so she made the pencil in a way that nobody could steal it from Albert and misuse it she also wanted Albert to always stay calm when he used the pencil she knew how important it was to never lose our cool in any situation once Albert understood how to use the pencil 

there was nothing stopping him he threw everything he had always dreamt of delicious food crops dresses antiques for his house he used his paints to color his sketches and drew fresh flowers every day Albert was very happy and was leading a very comfortable life but soon enough it got too comfortable well know what I have everything I want what else can I do with this pencil hmm why don’t I help my people here I can draw anything they need as decided Albert went to all his close friends in the town and explained to them everything nobody believed Albert at first oh come on you have too much free time on your hands 

hey it’s correct you have also started storytelling now this is not a story wait I will show you Albert knew that his friend needed a tractor to work better in the fields but due to lack of money he wasn’t able to buy one Albert quickly took out his paper and carefully drew a tractor okay now everybody steps aside within no time there was a real tractor standing in front of them everybody cheered for Albert after that day on Albert helped a lot of his people he shared his gift with everybody with no hesitation people in cloudy were generous and hard-working nobody ever asked for anything 

they didn’t need days passed and a tourist came visiting the town as he walked around he realized that something about cloudy was strange although it was a small town people seemed to be living a better life he decided to inquire he asked around and the innocent people of cloudy they told him all magic pencil means this for real I have to go see this painter the tourist was a greedy man he hid behind a tree and as soon as he saw Albert he abducted him huh who is it quiet listen to me 

I don’t have all day for this all right quickly draw me many differents inexpensive rubies and a sack to take them in now Albert took his pencil out and began to draw but he was so scared that all he could draw were rocks what of these how dare you to joke around move I will draw myself the shiniest gold chain [Music] the tourist was not an artist, in fact, he was terrible at drawing when he tried to draw a gold chain a long and shiny snake appeared her help but while the tourist was trying to run away from the snake 

Albert combines felt down and drew a big cage as soon as the cage of the tourists went inside and Albert’s shut its door after the snake was gone Albert called the police and complained against the tourists he explained how he was abducted and made to use the magic pencil to satisfy the tourists’ greed peace was restored in cloudy everybody was proud of how well Albert handled the situation 

Albert himself had learned a very important lesson he realized how dangerous it can be to have things without having to work for them he decided to bury the pencil under the very rock he had found it it’s believed that the magic pencil is still buried near Albert’s favorite tree a tree with the little pixie living on it 


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